Moïse Sauvé Des Eaux – Jules Allasseur (1818-1903)

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Artiste : Jules Allasseur (1818-1903)
Epoque : 19ème siècle
Style : Napoleon III
Etat : Bon état
Matière : Terre cuite
Longueur : 67 cm
Largeur : 25 cm
Hauteur : 36 cm


Galerie PhC, Philippe Caudroit
Museumarte sas
31 rue Andre Beury
10000 Troyes
Terracotta group signed Jules Allasseur (1818-1903). Moses Saved From The Waters. Important group in terracotta from the marble work of the same artist (Museum of Fine Arts of Lille. Salon of 1859). 67 cm by 25 cm; height 36 cm. Good used condition with some snags visible in the photos Jean Jules ALLASSEUR (1818-1903). French sculptor (born in Paris, September 1, 1818, died in Paris, March 23, 1903), Allasseur worked at the start of his career for David d'Angers, whose education he followed. He entered the École des Beaux-Arts on October 7, 1835. He started at the Salon from 1846. A few years later, suffering from an eye disease, became almost blind and had to reduce his activity as a sculptor. He executed statues for the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont and the Hôtel de Ville. We also owe him busts that decorate the Cherbourg theater. He obtained a second class medal in 1853, a first class medal in 1859 and a silver medal at the Universal Exhibition. He continued to exhibit at the Salon until 1870. He returned to the Salon in 1888, with Rameau (monumental marble statue of 1.90 m). He was decorated with the Legion of Honor in August 1867. He was a member of the Society of French Artists. Works The French Republic. 1848. Malherbe. Louvre Palace. 1857). The sculpture. Louvre Palace. 1857. River fishing. Louvre Palace. 1857 Moses saved from the waters. Museum of Fine Arts of Lille. Salon of 1859. Leucothoé. Louvre Palace. 1857. Jean le Retrou (1609-1650), dramatic poet. Dreux. 1867. Saint Joseph and Saint Charles Borromée. Paris, church of Saint-Etienne-du-Mont. 1867. Thought. Louvre Palace, States Pavilion. 1868. M. Mansard, lawyer. Salon of 1868. Sweden. World Exhibition. 1878. Henri Estienne (1460-1510), printer. City Hall of Paris. 1882. Molière, Corneille, Boieldieu and Auber. Cherbourg theater. 1882. Rameau. Paris Opera, Salon of 1888, Universal Exhibition of 1889.